We want to be your home for Fitness!


Ohio Strength Est. 2014 is your 3rd place. You’ve got home, work and then Ohio Strength. This gym is that important in the lives of our loyal members. We don’t just want to see you for a quick session, a bootcamp or a nutritional consultation. We’re building lifelong relationships to help people make lasting, healthy habits and friendships. We want you to feel better, look better and live better. Ohio Strength is one of the most well equipped, well coached, hard working and friendly CrossFit gym communities in existence, providing personal trainers, group fitness coaching, sport specific training and nutrition coaching. We have 10,000 square feet, turf, specialty barbells, ski ergs, rowers, assault bikes, GHDs, jerk blocks and plenty of other training tools that are hard to come by in many training facilities smaller or conventional corporate gyms.