Nick Sabert




Nick’s energy and enthusiasm for people and sports came at a very young age. Growing up, Nick played every sport under the sun including gymnastics, baseball, basketball and soccer until he found his passion for Lacrosse and Football in High School. Nick went on to play Wide Receiver for four years at the University of Mississippi. During his time playing football, the strength staff at Ole Miss started introducing different HIIT variation workouts during the summer off season days. These different style workouts, opposite of the traditional strength training, piqued Nick’s interest because he saw how it helped translate to better performance on the field.

After graduation and his playing days, Nick needed something to keep his competitive side sparked and was tired of having to come up with his own workouts alone. He dropped into a Crossfit gym after watching a few videos online and talking to friends. He found something drastically different than what he expected: a team and community unlike any other. The people he worked out with quickly became his best friends and his “fitness family.”  Nick’s passion for people and fitness drove him to want to become a coach. He wanted to help people achieve their goals and aspirations while bringing positive energy and cultivating a culture with no barriers. “I want to be a part of the best hour of someone’s day. When they come into the gym, I want to make sure they feel positive energy and are driven to become a better version of themselves.”

Educations & certifications

  • CrossFit Level 1

  • Red Cross CPR and AED