Knowing our limits

When I first started CrossFit, I was working out at the regular globo gym 5-7 days per week. I thought I would be able to do the same with CrossFit. I learned pretty quickly that we tend to get a lot more work done in a 60min CrossFit class coupled with the relatively high intensity of many of the workouts. Due to this I had to scale back to 3-4 CrossFit classes per week in the beginning.

Now I am back to the point where I can do 5-7x 60-120 minute CrossFit style workouts per week, but it has taken many years to gradually build to that place, and I learned a lot along the way about adjusting my intensity as needed and incorporating a lot of active recovery.

We have to listen to our bodies if we're going to be regular exercisers well into old age. Staying fit and active is super important, and recovery is one of the most important parts.

Active recovery can include things like:

Walking, swimming, jogging, hiking, biking, rowing, etc at an easy conversational pace.

Stretching, yoga, pilates, pre-hab/re-hab type exercises, massage and foam rolling, etc.

Sleep is so so important, as well as, paying attention to your hydration and nutrition.

If you are having a bad day mentally or physically, it is 100% ok to lower the weight or intensity in a workout, scale, modify or possibly take a complete rest day.

Be consistent, but be kind to yourself!