Monday Morning Fitness RESET!

Another busy week is upon us. Hopefully, you're feeling refreshed after a relaxing, summer weekend, but we've all been there with that hectic summer schedule--so full of fun activities that sometimes we may even feel like we need a vacation from the vacation!

One way to stay sane and balanced during these busy times is to make sure that we don't lose track of our routines. Monday is always an opportunity to consciously decide how we want the week to go - we can hit snooze a dozen times, skip breakfast, drag ourselves into work feeling sorry for ourselves, dreading meetings, projects and upcoming deadlines.

Or we can hop out of bed, regardless of how we're feeling and decide that we're going to bring a smile to the day and positive attitude to our work, our families, friends and whatever else that we might have to tackle this week.

Motivation doesn't just come naturally. It comes from habits and discipline. Many of you may have heard the commencement speech by a great military leader by the name of Admiral William H. McRaven in which he says that one of the 10 most important lessons he learned from Navy Seal training was to start everyday by making his bed. This way he has already had at least one little accomplishment to start the day. Success, even little successes like making our bed first thing in the morning (or finishing a workout, meditating, preparing our meals for the day, etc), breeds additional success and motivation. It's a snowball effect.

Personally, I have learned from years of trial and error that my best days start with a workout - I tend to eat a better breakfast, manage my time better, have a better attitude, accomplish many more things and then sleep much better that night. Some people have more energy for their workouts mid day or at night. It doesn't matter when you do it. The best time for exercise is whenever you are most likely to do it. Once you figure out what time that is, try to make it a habit. Make a buddy in that class and hold each other accountable to getting into the gym. Text them a reminder the night before. Maybe you're feeling extra motivated, and they're a little down in the dumps. That text from you could be just what they need to stay on track. They'll surely return the favor at some point when you may not be at your best.

Moral of the story is that it's a new day, a new week and no matter what happened last week or what is happening in the week to come, if you can find a way to get your tail in the gym today then I guarantee that you're going to shake off some of that weekend rust and have a more productive next couple of days.

So lets all hit that reset button together today and bring our best selves to whatever challenges we face in the week ahead!